Founded in 1996, the company produces in Bad Birnbach.


The production plant consists of:
- Sheet metal processing
- Assembly

The parts required for the production are self-processed.
The profiles of the control cabinet heaters have been developed by RO / SE, so they are not mass-produced.


The profiles are supplied as bar stock and then cut to size. Then processed by a 5-axis milling machine.
Our products are used world-wide, both for leading large companies and for smaller electrical companies.
In addition to the standard products, we also manufacture a large number of special solutions for our customers. Here we know almost no restrictions. In this case, a quotation from the managing director Josef Brunner mostly warns: "There is nothing that does not exist!" - Even his philosophy "Do not talk - do!", Is often implemented and new developments and special buildings are daily business.


The company employs around 60% of people with disabilities. This is what Josef Brunner is justified with his very sober vein, whereby he wants to give people with a handicap a career opportunity.

For this reason, the company has the prices won:

JobErfolg 2011 - Inclusion price 2013


An award was also awarded with the Zweiländerpreis.

At the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes", we have already made several jury stages.

RO/SE Team

Company founder Josef Brunner †2018

Managing Director Beate Brunner

Factory manager / Sales Manager

Authrorized Signatory

Josef Brunner





Lydia Kurz


Order processing

Erika Schachtner




Company logo

Logo of 1990 - 2012 used

RO / SE - this abbreviation stands for the pseudonym of company founder Josef Brunner.
Far above Bavaria's borders, he is known as "Rottaler Sepp".
LM heating - LM stands for the material of the heating profiles: light metal
The Bavarian coat of arms represents the company's origin.
The church is located in the hometown Schwaibach of the family Brunner, which is proven to be located there for over 500 years.
The golf club found its place in the company logo as the company is located in the center of Europe's largest golf center.

The current company club has replaced the "Wappenlogo" since 2012.
With the new logo, one wanted to achieve a modernization, also because of the global impact.
The lettering is modeled on a bent sheet metal.