Your partner for perfect cabinet climate control

Why heating in control cabinets?



 RO / SE products in use:

  • Prevention of condensation
  • Ensures constant ambient temperature
  • Protection against frost
  • No warming ester
  •  Prevention of condensation of components


One of the main hazards in control cabinets is moisture.
In order to prevent condensation in plants, the use of switch cabinet heaters is necessary. Corrosion of important components is the result of excessive moisture.

 Our products are equally useful as frost monitors.
By using our own production of thermostats, a constant temperature in housings is guaranteed.

 By using RO / SE quality products you achieve the ideal climate for electronic components in control systems.

RO / SE offers customer - oriented solutions in all voltage and power ranges.

Due to the very good machine infrastructure, custom-made products can be carried out in a very  short time at fair market prices.



                             We are willingly to help with developments and new projects!